1. Top Banner:
• Purpose: This banner is designed to capture attention and visually communicate the connection between advanced data analysis and futuristic technology. By featuring a character in a space suit, it aims to evoke a sense of innovation and forward-thinking.
• Goals:
• Highlight Electro Rent’s capabilities in handling large data sets.
• Create a memorable visual association between data analysis and cutting-edge technology.
• Encourage viewers to learn more about the tools and services offered by Electro Rent.
2. Bottom Banner:
• Purpose: This banner focuses on showcasing the actual tools and equipment provided by Electro Rent. The goal is to present the tangible products that facilitate data analysis and emphasize their advanced technological features.
• Goals:
• Display the variety and sophistication of Electro Rent’s tools.
• Reinforce the company’s commitment to providing high-quality, reliable equipment for data analysis.
• Motivate viewers to explore the specific tools and how they can benefit their data analysis needs.

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