**Purpose of the Rental Calculator Banners**:
These banners are part of a dynamic social media campaign aimed at promoting Electro Rent's new rental calculator. Featuring a female rental superhero character, the banners are designed to:
1. **Create Engagement**: Use a compelling and relatable character to attract attention and engage the audience.
2. **Highlight Benefits**: Emphasize the specific advantages of using Electro Rent's rental calculator, such as cost savings and efficiency.
3. **Promote Services**: Showcase the range of test and measurement (T&M) equipment available through Electro Rent, reinforcing the company’s expertise and resources.
4. **Build Anticipation**: Encourage viewers to stay tuned for more information, generating interest and excitement about the rental calculator.
5. **Humanize the Brand**: Present a friendly and approachable image of Electro Rent, making the brand more relatable and appealing to potential customers.

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