Purpose of the Keysight Partner Flyer Project:
The Keysight Partner Flyer project is designed to promote the partnership between Electro Rent and Keysight Technologies, highlighting the benefits and available products through this collaboration. The specific purposes are:
1. Promote Partnership: Showcase Electro Rent as a Keysight Premier Rental Partner, emphasizing the strategic collaboration and its advantages for customers.
2. Highlight Benefits: Communicate the key benefits of renting test equipment from Electro Rent, such as immediate access to the latest technology, cost savings, and flexibility.
3. Educate Customers: Inform potential customers about the wide range of Keysight products available for rent through Electro Rent, detailing the specific models and their applications.
4. Encourage Engagement: Encourage potential customers to consider rental options by highlighting the support provided by independent experts and the seamless process of renting, exchanging, or upgrading equipment.
5. Reinforce Value Proposition: Emphasize the value proposition of renting over purchasing, including the elimination of ownership expenses, availability of maintenance and calibration services, and the use of OPEX rather than CAPEX for financial flexibility.
The flyer aims to create awareness about the partnership and drive interest in renting Keysight products through Electro Rent, ultimately facilitating better decision-making for potential customers.

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