Purpose of The Power Lunch Project:
The Power Lunch project is designed to host a Lunch and Learn seminar in collaboration with Tektronix and Electro Rent. The specific purposes are:
1. Educational Engagement: Provide a content-rich seminar tailored for Space Coast engineers, focusing on two key engineering applications to enhance their knowledge and skills.
2. Showcase Expertise: Highlight the expertise of Tektronix and Electro Rent through live demonstrations and presentations, showcasing their advanced products and solutions.
3. Networking Opportunity: Facilitate networking among engineers and industry professionals, allowing them to connect, share insights, and discuss innovative ideas.
4. Promote Product Benefits: Demonstrate the advantages of Tektronix and Keithley products in practical applications, reinforcing their value and effectiveness in engineering tasks.
5. Drive Attendance: Encourage participation through a compelling agenda that includes hands-on demos, key takeaways, and a complimentary lunch, making it an attractive event for attendees.

Event Details:
• Topic 1: Wide Bandgap Double Pulse Test of SiC and GaN MOSFETs
• Purpose: Provide invaluable application tips and a demo of the double pulse test to empower engineers in testing designs with greater accuracy and efficiency.
• Topic 2: Multi-Channel Time-Correlated Multi-Domain Signal Analysis
• Purpose: Offer guidelines for analyzing complex systems where digital, RF, and time domain signals interact, enhancing engineers’ ability to manage these systems.

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